Selling a Car

Documents for selling a carTrying to sell a used car can be a hassle, taking weeks, even months for the vehicle to eventually sell. It can also take a lot of effort; crafting a decent advertisment for it, answering queries about it, and dealing with timewasters and tyrekickers. Using a car buying service, like those featured on the right hand side of this page, will mean all these hassles are taken care of for you, offering you a quick and headache-free deal for your motor. You should check these options first, and see if their price offers are to your liking. If they aren't, and you'd like to take the conventional road to sell your car, below are 8 useful tips to keep in mind when asking yourself "how to sell my car".

1) Find out the value of the car: Using a car valuation service (our own service works well and is free!), you should research the value of your car, or a similarly conditioned one. This gives you a target price to aim for when selling the car, and is also useful to keep in mind should any buyers try to haggle.

2) Clean the car: A clean vehicle will always sell for more than a dirty one. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer, and look into all the nooks and crannies that you would do yourself when buying a car, and make sure they are clean. Experiences buyers will always try and find marks, scratches, or signs of wear-and-tear to try and bargain the price down, so the more spotless the vehicle is, the better chance you have of obtaining your target price.

3) Make use of the internet: Even if you don't want to use one of the online car buying services featured here, the internet is still a fantastic way of selling your car. Sites such as Auto Trader and Desperate Seller provide a huge amount of traffic to classified car ads, and are often a very economical way of getting your motor seen by hundreds of pairs of eyes. Make sure to take some decent quality pictures of your car (taken on a decent day, if possible!) and provide as much information in your classified ad as possible, to prevent you answering the same questions again and again.

4) Park your car on a busy street: If possible, try and park the car you want to sell on a road where a lot of motorists are likely to see it. Craft a decent 'for sale' sign, will all the vehicle's pertinent details, along with an asking price and a telephone number, plus possibly an email address, and you may get the quick local sale you were hoping for.

5) Prepare your documents: Potential buyers will want to see that the car is above-board legally, and has a MOT and V5C certificate available. Have these to hand if possible when showing a buyer the car, as this will help to establish trust. Not showing the paperwork for a car may result in a lot of walkaways.

6) Have manners: You will more than likely have to deal with a number of the general public, so good people skills are a must. Being rude is a great way to lose a potential sale, so try and keep your manners at all times, even though some times it may be difficult.

7) Give a test drive: You are far more likely to sell your vehicle if a potential buyer can get a feel for the drive of the car. Of course you should always go with them - never let someone drive off with your car on their own, as you may well not get it back!

8) Don't be afraid to haggle: Offer a starting price slightly higher than you were expecting, to allow some buffer if a buyer wants to haggle. And the probably will! Try not to be insulted should a buyer start off with an offer far below your asking price, as you can always talk them up.